The G2x – Two is better than one

Smartphones are effectively miniature computers, so it should come as no surprise that smartphones are beginning to follow the same technology trajectory as computers. Computers used to be all about speed, and then number of processors became more important. Multiple core computers are now the norm.

Smartphones have already eclipsed the 1GHz mark for processor speed, so number of processing cores is quickly becoming the next differentiator. One of the first smartphones out with a dual core processor is the G2x on T-mobile. After getting a chance to play with one for a while, I can safely say that two processors are better than one.

The G2x is a T-mobile branded version of the LG Optimus 2x. It uses NVIDIA’s dual core Tegra processor running at 1GHz. While the specs on the outside are not that special or impressive, it’s what’s under the hood that make all the difference. Screen transitions and scrolling are much smoother than what I experience on my Nexus One, which is definitely beginning to show its age. Apps open and run very smooth, and the myriad of reviews on the web confirm it.

On top of the processing power, one other major advantage of the G2x is that it runs a generic version of Android’s Froyo OS (Version 2.2.2). I could almost convince myself that this is a more important feature than the dual core processor. The fact that T-mobile and LG did not clutter the Android experience with a custom designed UI makes a huge difference in the usability of the device. The limited Android customization should also make it easier (and faster) for T-mobile and LG to upgrade the device from Froyo to Android’s latest OS – Gingerbread. I wish more device manufacturers and carriers would take this approach.

As always, here’s a round up of a couple of reviews that would be worth reviewing to get a more in-depth review of the device and its features:

The big question is should you get a G2x? If you’re a T-mobile user looking for a new phone today, I would recommend giving the G2x serious consideration. About the only drawback is its size. If you can get over that, and don’t need a keyboard, then the G2x is the best device you can buy on T-mobile today.

However, if you are not in a hurry, you may want to wait a couple of months for the dual core offerings from HTC and Samsung to hit T-mobile. The HTC Sensation is due out sometime in June with the Samsung Galaxy S2 following in July. Between the G2x, Sensation and Galaxy S2, your purchase decision could get really difficult on T-mobile with three excellent phones to choose from.

(By the way if you are looking at purchasing the device, watch for internet deals. Amazon has been known to offer the device for as low as $99 on contract)

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